Pursue the freedom that technology can touch

For hundreds of years, democracy has achieved most of human freedom, and today’s social structure is not strictly central. The power of the federal reserve and the bundesbank comes directly or indirectly from congress and voters. Therefore, we achieve decentralization through blockchain technology, which is not a confrontation with the existing social structure, but also a kind of balance and optimization. Decentralization is not to eliminate the center, but to optimize the normal distribution and power law distribution structure. Freedom is not populism, anarchism, but the right to choose that does not endanger the freedom of others.

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The market naturally calls for freedom, and freedom is the oxygen of trade. But not all markets, free competition, are as desirable. In the financial, Internet, oil, aerospace, shipping, real estate, etc., these natural endowments are highly dependent and vary greatly in the market, the free competition majority goes to monopoly or oligopoly.

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And look at bitcoin. The bitcoin network is very clever in introducing two big natural laws of cosmic fairness: random selection and free competition. So far, the bitcoin poW workload has proved to be the most fair consensus algorithm. Every node has equal opportunities to participate in the hash function calculation, obtain the accounting right according to the calculation power ranking, and then obtain the bitcoin reward (commonly known as „mining“). The decentralization of the bitcoin network is actually achieved through optimized pBFT(Byzantine fault tolerance), which enables all nodes to participate in transaction (transfer) verification, settlement and bookkeeping to realize distributed bookkeeping.

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However, the result of this distributed bookkeeping is not necessarily the most decentralized. In order to encourage all nodes to participate in the competition of bookkeeping rights, the bitcoin network has set up a bitcoin reward mechanism that is competitive in computing power. The problem is that China has natural endowment advantages in the cost and capacity of manufacturing electronic products, the cost and scale of power supply, so that Chinese mines eventually have a monopoly in the fair competition of computing power. Because of the vulnerability of the bitcoin network to 51 percent computing power, this great distributed payment system instead hangs a central sword of Damocles.

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Locke wants to express that the decentralization of blockchain and the freedom behind it is not a populist blind belief but a balancing idea, a technological rebalancing of today’s democratic thinking. If you look at the distributed bookkeeping of the bitcoin network as a blockchain, this is a very lame technology without industrial applications. As a result, ethereum has expanded blockchain technology from the perspective of protocols (smart contracts) rather than bookkeeping, increasing the possibility of decentralization. EOS has also introduced the client mechanism (DpoS) in the modern political system, expanded the blockchain technology with a weak centralization, and solved the blockchain efficiency problem. Compared with the block chain technology, which is more mature and widely used in artificial intelligence and big data technology, the dependence on centralized database and centralized decision-making mechanism is obvious. As a production relation, blockchain, if combined with artificial intelligence productivity and big data production data, depends on how extensive the blockchain technology is, and more fundamentally, how compatible the decentralization idea is.

Index of cloth art sofa choose and buy

1. Actual demand

Small room appropriate USES the real wood sofa with lesser volume, or compact cloth art sofa, make room surplus space is bigger; Big sitting room puts bigger sofa and outfit tea table, just more convenient and comfortable; The room is small can choose sofa to sit board below have store content space type, take put article convenient, one content is multi-purpose.

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2, flexible

The „corner sofa“ that has 5 to 7 individual sofa combination to become has movable, changeability, can change its layout according to need, give a person fresh feeling. If buy cloth art sofa, can do sofa cover more, change in different season use.

3, skeleton,

Choose cloth art sofa should first see integral structure firm, whether have loose, whether accords with ergonomic on the design. Can sit on sofa to feel its are smooth, Angle is reasonable, have comfortable feeling.

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4. Human engineering

To old person, sofa sits the height wants moderate, if too low, sit down, rise not convenient; For newly-married couple, the security that considers to future child is born even when buying sofa and durable sex, sofa cannot have the edge of pointed hard Angle, its color also should be some bright and lively pediatric hypertension.

5. Comfort

Busy a day, return to be about to enjoy in the home, the seat of sofa should give priority to with comfortable, its sit face and back of a chair all answer with the curved surface that suits human body physiology structure is good. If bedroom area is lesser, have the sofa bed of sitting lie function concurrently is a good choice.