Women take collagen supplements

Collagen protein is very important for girls, women often taking collagen, not only can hairdressing to raise colour and weight loss, but also can improve the trace elements in the body, improve the body’s blood circulation, so as to let the body maintain a healthy level, in fact, in our life, there are a lot of small food contains a lot of collagen.

What foods do women eat to replenish collagen?

1. Fish food

The collagen content in fish is very high, especially there is more collagen in fish scales, but very few people will not eat fish scales, in addition to fish scales, fish skin also contains collagen. So can eat a few fish at ordinary times, can drink a few fish soup at ordinary times, because fish won’t let human body put on weight at all, also can complement collagen for the body at the same time.

2. Cartilage and bones of animals

Many people are especially fond of animal meat. If you want to add more collagen, you can eat more animal bones, especially cartilage. When eating ribs, you can suck out the bone marrow in the bones. Bones of animals such as leg bones, skull, spine bones, fish head, cow bones, duck bones, and chicken bones.

3. Animal’s fascia and fascia

Tendons, tendons, pigs‘ feet are all part of the animal’s tendons and fascia, which are rich in collagen. Some of the animal’s calves, such as those of cows, sheep, or pigs, can be found. Some of the fascia, dermis, and tendons on the bones get large amounts of collagen inside.

The dermis of animals

The dermis of animals contains very high collagen content, such as fish skin, duck skin, chicken skin, sheepskin, cowhide skin, pig skin and so on. You can use the dermis of animals for stewing, so that you can get more collagen.

The wings and claws of a bird

Duck feet, chicken feet, chicken wings, goose feet, duck wings, etc. These birds‘ claws and wings contain a lot of collagen. There is a lot of collagen in the dermis, tendons and bones.

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