How do Australian immigrants do? Study + immigration, look at the win-win policy here

Therefore, if you want to simply immigrate to Australia without a guarantor, it is recommended that you start paving the way while studying. Not only will you be able to successfully complete your degree in Australia, but you can also obtain an immigration qualification, allowing you to obtain your degree and visa at one time,澳洲技術移民 creating a win-win situation. How does the detailed procedure work? Let us follow Study Central to tell you step by step.

Australia study immigration process

If you want to study and apply for immigration in Australia, follow the steps below to complete the work one by one and get the visa smoothly.

STEp 1.—Study in Australia for 2 years, or 3~4 years of university, or 2 years of master’s degree, and complete your studies.

STEp 2.—pass the occupational assessment (similar to the skill test).

STEp 3.—Take IELTS and the score is up to standard.

STEp 4.—Meet the requirements of the occupation (work experience and years, etc.).

STEp 5.—Calculate the immigration scores. After the scores reach the standard, you can wait for the invitation of the Chinese government and submit an immigration application.

For more information about studying in Australia, you can also refer to this: Comprehensive study in Australia! Recommended schools, application methods, fees, agency reports.

Immigration to Australia, look here! Study Central professional assistance

And if you are worried that you will not be able to apply to the school smoothly and obtain an immigrant visa, then you may wish to consider consulting Study Central. The learning center not only holds valid Australian immigration and education licenses, but also has experienced professional consultants who can provide you with the highest cp value of course advice and visa services.

Although affected by the epidemic, all countries have strict epidemic prevention and control, Australia is still locked in the country, and many schools have given high scholarships and tuition discounts. Even international students can take classes online. When opening and closing Australia, they can fly to Australia seamlessly without affecting their subsequent eligibility. If you are yearning to study, live, and immigrate in Australia, take the first step now and let Study Central help you realize your dreams! If you have any other social needs, please feel free to leave a message on the official website for consultation!

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