Index of cloth art sofa choose and buy

1. Actual demand

Small room appropriate USES the real wood sofa with lesser volume, or compact cloth art sofa, make room surplus space is bigger; Big sitting room puts bigger sofa and outfit tea table, just more convenient and comfortable; The room is small can choose sofa to sit board below have store content space type, take put article convenient, one content is multi-purpose.

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2, flexible

The „corner sofa“ that has 5 to 7 individual sofa combination to become has movable, changeability, can change its layout according to need, give a person fresh feeling. If buy cloth art sofa, can do sofa cover more, change in different season use.

3, skeleton,

Choose cloth art sofa should first see integral structure firm, whether have loose, whether accords with ergonomic on the design. Can sit on sofa to feel its are smooth, Angle is reasonable, have comfortable feeling.

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4. Human engineering

To old person, sofa sits the height wants moderate, if too low, sit down, rise not convenient; For newly-married couple, the security that considers to future child is born even when buying sofa and durable sex, sofa cannot have the edge of pointed hard Angle, its color also should be some bright and lively pediatric hypertension.

5. Comfort

Busy a day, return to be about to enjoy in the home, the seat of sofa should give priority to with comfortable, its sit face and back of a chair all answer with the curved surface that suits human body physiology structure is good. If bedroom area is lesser, have the sofa bed of sitting lie function concurrently is a good choice.